Tools and Tricks for Prospective Founders

Tools and Tricks for Prospective Founders

Being an entrepreneur is more than just a job - it is a life-long passion. With every new project, every new company, your repertoire of tools and methods for planning the company will grow. But how to get started? - Jan Fülscher knows the craft and science of entrepreneurship from his own experience as founder and co-founder, companion and investor. In this course, he shares the most important tools and tools to achieve a quick start of your venture. These tools include the Business Model Canvas / Lean Canvas, competitive analysis, financial planning, business plan, investor pitch and many others.

This course is also available in german.




Online (mit ZOOM) oder vor Ort (an der ETH Zürich). Beachten Sie das Infomail, welches am Montag vor dem Kurstag versendet wird.


  • Studierende: 70.00 CHF
  • Doktorierende: 120.00 CHF
  • Mitarbeitende: 170.00 CHF
  • Externe: 310.00 CHF



Speaker: Jan Fülscher

This course is also available in german

We’re going to discuss several tools which are essential or useful for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program starts at 8 a.m. and will be structured as follows:

Morning class:

* What’s a business?

* Good and bad reasons to build a business
* Canvas – a one-page business plan
* Idea portfolio – how to select and prioritize ideas
* Market and product

Lunch break

Afternoon class:

* Financial planning
* Unicorns vs. sustainable startups
* The liquidity gap and the investors

* Rugeli-Model: A tool to understand why entrepreneurship is difficult

* Effectuation – why you can’t plan the business and how to deal with this

Depending on your interests and our interaction, we might change the order of the topics and/or shorten one or the other topic if we feel that other topics are more relevant for you. The course will finish around 16 p.m.


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